The Managed Advertising service provides you with the framework, tools, methodology, support, monitoring, and consulting services required to maximize quality traffic acquisition through paid advertising. We implement optimizations to your existing campaigns and launch new campaigns based on extensive and continuous competitive keyword, ad text, ad creative, and landing page analysis, research, and A/B testing. Our data driven approach to online advertising provides clear cost of conversion and traffic quality metrics for every campaign. We are typically able to achieve at least a 50% reduction in the cost of conversion from online advertising spend within the first 6 months of commencing the service.


Identification, analysis and targeting of profitable new keywords, channels and online advertising tactics resulting in specific, actionable strategies


A/B testing of keywords, ad copy, destination URL, special offers and markets to increase CTR and lower conversion cost

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis & positioning to attract your competitors clients, protect your clients, and grow market share

Optimize Conversions

Implement and optimize conversion tracking to properly identify the most cost effective keywords, ads and landing pages

Quality Optimization

Optimize quality score on ads and keywords to cut cost per click and conversion costs


Constant analysis at the campaign, adgroup, ad and keyword levels to maximize efficiency and performance