With the highest Penetration among the global mobile market, your enterprise definitely needs to have a good presence at the Android Marketplace. we deliver custom developed and universally compatible Android apps.

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  • Delivers for diverse app Categories through specifically conceiving, designing and developing Apps
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At SBTS we develop sleekly functional, market capturing mobile apps for your enterprise and business. With over 80% market share of the Smart phone Market, android market place is the one place your business cannot miss out…With the rapidly improving core Android OS and evolving development tools an android app can be a great carrier for your business.

Our app engineers and designers join hands to create truly innovative and edgy android apps, at a diligently accurate time-table. Our Google apps have been the part of many previously successful apps, where our clients have enjoyed great success at style. We can build-up on your app idea or completely full-fill the existing idea’s. Our previous success and deep technical knowledge enables us to deliver the cutting-edge apps that your customers fall-in-love.